Since our founding in 1981, Montessori In The Woods has been dedicated to providing students with a structured, challenging, and nurturing environment where children are given the tools to succeed in life.

Like all private schools, we rely on a combination of tuition revenue, grants and charitable contributions from parents, alumni and former families, grandparents and friends to support our ongoing operations and strategic initiatives.

Other Ways to Help Out


Montessori In the Woods is always in need of other office supplies such as reams of white copy paper, classroom supplies, art supplies, boxes of tissues. Please inquire at if you are wanting to donate items to the school, but are unsure of what to purchase!

Classroom Materials

If you wish to contribute classroom materials, please visit our Amazon Wishlist for ideas. Gifts of classroom materials help us keep our tuition down and provide materials beyond what we can cover in our annual budget.  We thank you in advance for your support in helping us enrich the lives of our students through these wonderful classroom additions!